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Maiju, Inga and Colin’s paths have continuously crossed over the past few years and it was becoming clear that they all wanted to be involved in something that could change the world for both animals and humans.


Maiju has been following a One Health vision for some time so it didn’t take much for us all to agree what was needed and what we could each give to the cause and as such The One Health Foundation was born.

Sharing A Global One Health Vision

Dr. Maiju Tamminen DVM, MSc, MRCVS 

Maiju graduated as doctor in veterinary medicine in 2010 from Helsinki University, Finland. Already during her final years of study and the years to follow, she travelled to India in many occasions to volunteer at India Project for Animals and Nature (IPAN) to learn about field medicine and surgery and humane dog population management, as well as teach the same topics to younger students. In 2011, she worked as the senior vet at Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) International Training Centre in Ooty, followed by a two-year post as a Clinical Director in India and Thailand in 2015-16.

In 2010 Maiju went to Nepal for the first time and was one of the two first vet volunteers at newly-established Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART). Her collaboration with HART has continued up to date, in the form of regular practical veterinary education programmes together with HART and Agriculture and Forestry University AFU. Maiju also volunteered with HART after the disastrous earthquake in 2015.

In 2013, Maiju attended a diploma course in Global Health. That experience sparked her to seek for further education in the field of One Health as she understood that the concept of health is shared between all living beings and major global health, conservation, ecosystem and animal welfare issues can only be solved through a holistic approach. She graduated as a Master of Science in One Health from the University of Edinburgh in 2017, among the first four individuals to complete the program. She has lectured about one health- related topics in universities in Finland, Nepal and Tanzania. In addition, she has worked in mixed and small animal medicine and surgery in both primary and referral levels, including university teaching hospital in Finland.

Education is Maiju's passion. She believes that the only way to achieve sustainable change is through affecting human behaviour and societal norms. Her next goal as a life-long learner is to study psychology and human behaviour to learn how to best communicate with people from different backgrounds in order to achieve greater mutual understanding and better health for animals, humans and the environment.


Inga graduated from Glasgow Veterinary School in 2000 and has since been working as a Veterinary Surgeon in the UK. Her interests are small animal medicine and soft tissue surgery and she also worked for 5 years for a leading Out of Hours and Emergency practice. 

At the start of 2015 she got involved in overseas veterinary volunteering initially with 'Worldwide Veterinary Services' in India where Maiju was acting clinical director and later with 'Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust' (HART) in Nepal. She has since taken part in various projects in India, Thailand and Nepal. 

In addition to dog population control and anti-rabies vaccination programmes many of these roles have involved teaching local veterinary surgeons, empowering them with theory and practical skills to make a sustainable difference through their own ongoing work. 

She has also through volunteering trips been able to spend time at elephant sanctuaries. In Thailand visiting ‘Boon Lott’ elephant sanctuary in Sukothai, which rescues elephants from the tourist trade and allows them to live out their retirement in a chain free jungle environment and in Nepal whilst working on a dog sterilisation project in association with ‘Tiger Tops’ elephant camp in Chitwan. This is one of the first tourist locations in Nepal to keep their elephants in social groups in chain free enclosures and to offer observation and elephant walks rather than the traditional tourist chair rides. 

In 2017 she started studying for a Masters Degree in "Veterinary Conservation Medicine" exploring the balance between wildlife, ecosystem and human health and the impacts on conservation. 

Inga is an animal lover at heart and she is passionate about animal welfare and conservation of the world’s habitats and species and believes that we all have a role to play and the ability to make a difference.

She believes that education is key to making a long term sustainable impact to animal welfare and health in developing countries.


Over the past 15 years, Colin has run a small number of businesses and more latterly in the last couple of years been involved with a large global corporate company. His experience gained in these roles has given him great insight into marketing, event management, strategy, operations and procedures all of which put him in good stead for his position within The One Health Foundation.

As Inga’s husband for the past 16 years and partner before that, Colin’s been around the Veterinary Profession for some time and not only has he seen Inga’s passion for animals and the environment grow but he too has begun to get involved.

In 2016, he worked alongside Inga and Maiju at WVS Thailand offering support in their Dog Shelter ‘Care for Dogs’. This for him was a life changing experience and having spent a month supporting the wonderful work being done there decided that he would continue to dedicate his personal time to try and make a difference.

In 2017, Colin returned to Thailand but this time with a mission to not only work at the shelter again but to help raise monies for it. As an avid fundraiser and having partaken is a number or running and cycling events over the years to raise money for charity, Colin, along with some friends set off on a 800KM cycle from Bangkok to Chiang Mai raising just short of £3000.

Now having the bug, he wanted to take his charitable input to a whole new level and returned to WVS again in October 2017, but this time to their training centre in Ooty, India. Over 2 weeks, Colin trained in monitoring anaesthesia, surgery preparation and learnt all aspects of what is required to run an Animal Birth Control Clinic.

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